Would fat smash diet help you in losing weight

Would fat smash diet help you in losing weight

Would fat smash diet help you in losing weight

You may have heard about the fat smash diet while searching for diets and books for weight loss. Ian K.Smith is the founder of this diet plan. This diet focuses on leaving the bad habits and dealing with the misconceptions which people have in their minds about weight loss. Let us understand this diet plan in detail. 

Fat smash diet- the basics

A total of 90 days are required to follow this diet plan. It has 4 phases which are named as the detoxification phase, foundation phase, construction phase and the temple phase. This diet concentrates on developing good habits and positive lifestyle changes for weight reduction.

Detoxification phase

This phase lasts for 9 days. A person is required to eat only vegetables and fruits in this phase. Exercises are recommended. This phase aims at cleansing the body. A lot of water should also be consumed in this phase.

Foundation phase

3 weeks are required for this phase. Some other food items can be taken in this phase and the level of physical exercises is also increased. Eating fried foods is strictly forbidden in this phase. This phase aims at developing healthy food habits.

Construction phase

4 weeks are required for this phase. In this phase, the physical activity is increased by 25% of what is required in the first phase. Extra food items can be taken and the quantity of food can also be increased. 4 meals are taken per day. One dessert (non fruit) can also be consumed per day in this phase.

The temple phase

For the rest of the days left out of 90 days, this phase is followed. Foods which were forbidden in previous phases can be eaten in lesser quantities in this phase. Exercises should be done for 1 hour for every 5 days of week. This phase is named as the temple because it is an ideal situation for the person who has achieved weight loss. If someone has not achieved the desired weight loss results he can start from the phase 1 again.

You can really lose weight by following the fat smash diet. There are many people who have lost their weight by following this diet plan. It is easy to follow this diet plan. No side effects are associated with this diet routine. So, you can follow it to lose excess weight from your body.

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