Should You Take Up Reverse Diet For Eliminating Extra Weight?


Should You Take Up Reverse Diet For Eliminating Extra Weight?

If you are looking for a new kind of diet plan to reduce your body weight in an effective way then you should make yourself aware about the reverse diet. Tricia Cunningham is the creator of this diet routine. She herself lost a lot of weight i.e. 172 pounds in just nine months; by following this weight loss plan.

Reverse diet, as the name suggests, involves consuming the bigger meal of the day in breakfast. What people consume in their dinner should be taken in breakfast; according to this diet plan. Reverse diet is based on the fact that after consuming breakfast, a person generally performs his daily tasks for which he needs energy while after having dinner, people go to sleep which means that they do less or no physical activity.

Phases In Reverse Diet

Following are the 3 phases included in reverse diet plan:

  • Weight loss phase
  • Stabilization of weight loss and introducing former food items
  • Fulfilling and maintaining the objectives and getting advantage of one’s knowledge

What Should The Followers Of Reverse Diet Do?

People who wish to lose their weight by following reverse diet need to understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It means that breakfast should be heavy. While following this diet plan, one should eat medium sized lunch. Dinner should be small and people should avoid eating when they do not feel hungry.

Foods Which Are Recommended For The Followers Of Reverse Diet

  • Fruits like peaches, pineapple, grapes, berries, apples and plums.
  • Dairy products having low fat content
  • Different kinds of fresh vegetables
  • Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and extra virgin olive oil
  • Low salt margarine and orange juice

Benefits Of Reverse Diet

  • Having sufficient food in breakfast helps in reducing excess weight from body and improves overall health.
  • When people consume light meal in dinner they get a better sleep and their digestive system also improves.
  • Having enough food in breakfast prevents overeating later in the day.

Reverse diet is good for weight reduction but people should think before they decide to follow it. There are some claims which are made by this diet plan but not confirmed scientifically. Also, for many people it may be embarrassing to eat dinner at the time of breakfast; socially. Therefore, one should consider all these points before taking up this diet routine.

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