My Diva Diet – Weight Loss For Woman


My Diva Diet My Diva Diet   Weight Loss For WomanChristine Lakatos is the developer of the diet called My diva diet. She has made this diet especially for all women and she promises that this diet book will help women to lose their weight successfully. To lose weight with My Diva diet, women need to make various changes in their lifestyle. These changes also help them for sustaining the weight loss results achieved by them.

My Diva Diet – The Basics

There is a detailed program, which should be followed to lose weight with My Diva diet. In this diet book, 5 factors, which are very much responsible for weight gain, are highlighted. Women are told that how they can deal with these 5 factors for losing excess weight from their bodies. Following are those 5 factors.

  1. Consuming liquids
  2. Purity and quality associated with calories
  3. Distribution and quantity of calories
  4. Exercises
  5. Unbalanced and restrictive dieting

Several small meals are eaten in this diet. Women are encouraged to leave processed foods and develop the habit of eating organic and unprocessed foods.

Diva Reduction- First Phase

Much of the answer to how to lose weight with My Diva diet lies in this phase. In this phase, 1200 to 1300 calories are consumed every day. Desserts are not eaten in this phase. This phase continues for 3 to 10 weeks.

Diva Maintenance- Second Phase

To lose weight with My Diva diet, in this phase, a woman can consume 1400 to 1600 calories per day. Women who do a lot of physical work can consume higher number of calories in this phase.

In between of both these phases, a woman can indulge in cheat meals at some occasions.

Foods Which Are Eaten While Following My Diva Diet

Legumes, low fat cottage cheese, honey, raisins, prunes, soy milk, lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, mustard, olive oil, salsa, dates, tofu, low fat yogurt etc.

Exercises To Do

It is important to do exercises to lose weight with My Diva diet. Cardiovascular exercises, corrective exercises, endurance and strength training, functional and flexibility training are practiced while following this diet plan.

Advantages Of My Diva Diet

  • It is formulated by keeping scientific principles in mind.
  • Helps women in meeting their specific goals.
  • High protein intake saves a person from muscle loss while dieting and reduces the hunger.

Disadvantages Of My Diva Diet

  • This diet plan is not meant for males.
  • This diet plan is somewhat strict and some women may find it difficult to follow.

My diva diet plan is very detailed and it helps in decreasing body weight with scientific methods. You can surely lose weight with My Diva diet. The above lines will surely help those people who wish to know how to lose weight with My Diva diet.

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