How to shed off 18 pounds in 4 days

How to shed off 18 pounds in 4 days

 If a diet routine offers to reduce your weight by 18 pounds in just 4 days then you would surely be interested in that. James Zeta has created a diet plan named “18 pounds in 4 days. James himself lost his weight by finding a specific combination of food items which help in reducing weight from the body in a fast manner. James Zeta claims that he has lost around twenty pounds in less than a week’s time by following this diet routine. 

Basics of “18 pounds in 4 days” diet plan

While following this diet routine, an individual needs to restrict his calorie intake and fresh vegetables along with lean protein and different fruits. Specific combination of several food items is the chief characteristic of this diet plan. This diet plan does not require its followers to do several exercises and eat certain weight loss supplements for faster results.

Foods which are consumed in this diet plan

Eggs, beef, chicken, vegetables having green beans and butternut squash along with some fruits like grapefruit.

Should one exercise while following this diet plan?

If you are following this diet plan then you should not do any exercises. It is important to stop exercising while following this diet routine; if one wants to achieve best results. However, after the completion of this diet plan, an individual can start doing his exercises again just like before.

Advantages of “18 pounds in 4 days” diet plan

If we talk about the advantages of this diet plan then we have many of them. Many people have tried this diet plan in order to reduce their weight rapidly. Here are some of the main advantages of this diet plan:

  • A four day detailed meal plan is offered in this diet routine.
  • When an individual loses his weight in a fast manner by following this diet plan then he may get motivated to keep an eye forever on his/her weight.
  • This diet plan is most suitable for those people who want to reduce their weight in a rapid way for some upcoming event.


This diet plan makes it possible for people to lose their weight in a fast way. However, there is no guarantee that you would not gain weight again after following this diet plan. People should take this diet plan as a quick fix and not a permanent solution to their weight problems.

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