Do Slimming Pills Work?

 Guest Post by Linda Moore

Everywhere you look there are ads and stories praising slimming pills. From infomercials to your local grocer, they are available at the drop of a hat. And they aren’t just pills anymore. Now you’ve got your choice of powders, tablets, teas, gums and many more. Not to mention you can get a host of slimming pill prescriptions from your family physician. Some you take at certain times and others before meals. But are the results these products boast a reality or simply a hoax? Can popping a pill twice a day really make such a drastic difference in your weight?

Let’s look at the reality of slimming pills. They are supplements. A supplement is an addition to make a regimen complete or more beneficial. Sometimes we get a part-time job in the evenings to supplement our income. A lot of people supplement their knowledge by reading various books. We use vitamins to supplement our health. Why would we assume slimming pills would do all the work for us to lose weight fast?

Here’s the problem. I’m sure you personally know several people who have had success with slimming pills. What happens when they stop taking the pills? If their behaviors that caused weight gain in the first place haven’t changed they are bound to put the weight back on. Had they used the slimming pills as a supplement, as they were designed, rebounding wouldn’t be an issue. Many allow themselves to believe the pills are the only reason for their fast weight loss, when in fact the pills simply increased energy and curbed the appetite. They ate less and found other things to do with the extra energy boost. But when the pills are stopped nothing is holding the appetite back and the extra energy push is gone.

Does this mean we shouldn’t use slimming pills at all? Of course not. Some are very effective and when used in combination with other lifestyle changes they can enhance and maximize weight loss. We need to incorporate an exercise plan to use up that extra energy provided by the pills. We also need to incorporate dietary changes so we maintain a healthy balance of nutrients for our bodies. Slimming pills will make you want to eat less, so it’s important to fill your body with the fuel it requires to burn fat. Eating less and skipping meals will force your body into “starvation mode” and the first thing to go will be muscle mass, not fat. Weight might be coming off, but you’re left with a flabby, weaker body.

Research the slimming pills you are thinking of taking and make sure they are from a reputable company. If you have medical issues, such as heart or nervous system conditions, consult your physician prior to your purchase. And make sure you don’t rely on the slimming pill to solely handle what years of overeating and lack of physical activity have done to your body. Use them in combination with regular exercise and a sensible diet to reap the best rewards.

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