Chocolate diet for helping chocolate lovers lose weight

 Chocolate diet for helping chocolate lovers lose weight

Are you addicted to chocolates and think that you are unable to lose your weight because you eat a lot of them? Well, chocolate diet is here for you. This diet has been founded by British diet expert Sally Ann Voak. Let’s get clear about different aspects of this diet plan.

Chocolate diet- the basics

The chocolate diet aims at enabling people to put a break on their chocolate addiction and having chocolates in their diet while maintaining normal body weight. In this diet plan, people are put in to 6 categories of chocolate addicts. By answering certain quizzes, you can judge the category you belong to. For each category, there is a particular diet plan along with dieting rules and exercise recommendations.

Following are the 6 categories of chocolate addicts

  1. Secret bingers: Those who prefer eating chocolates secretly and hide it in places unknown to others.
  2. Romantics: Single people who eat chocolates and get satisfaction as an alternative for their physical and emotional needs.
  3. Comfort eaters: People who consume chocolates when they experience stress and feel tired. Most people fall in to this category.
  4. Weekend indulgers: People who eat more chocolates when they have holidays or parties.
  5. Sugar addicts: People who derive most of their energy from carbohydrates and consume chocolates for getting a kick in their energy levels.
  6. Premenstrual cravers: Women who eat a lot of chocolates only when they experience their menstrual cycle.

Only for the first week, people from all these categories need to leave chocolates. After the first week, chocolate allowance is offered every day for the dieters.

Foods to be eaten while following the chocolate diet

Chocolate diet for helping chocolate lovers lose weight
Vegetables which have low calories should be eaten. For instance mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, watercress and spinach should be eaten. Herbal tea and skimmed milk should be consumed by dieters.

Advantages of the chocolate diet

  • This diet plan is best for those people who cannot stop eating chocolates.
  • Different exercises are advised for different category chocolate lovers.
  • It promotes the consumption of vegetables.

Disadvantages of the chocolate diet

  • Dieters are more likely to be left hungry while following this diet plan.
  • Not appealing to dieters who are not addicted to chocolates.

This diet plan allows people to eat low calories vegetables along with very small quantity of chocolates every day. People should not expect that they can keep on eating a lot of chocolates and lose their weight while following this diet plan.

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