5 Cardio Exercises for Incinerating Fat

 Proper cardio training is one of the most effective ways to burn unwanted fat, and increase lean muscle. In order to see superior physical results, one must focus on anaerobic techniques rather than aerobic.

Anaerobic conditioning is an absolute fat destroyer because of the high-intensity level necessary during each exercise. Yes, aerobic cardio can burn off some excess weight, but there is one important element that separates anaerobic from aerobic techniques.

conditioning exercises for fat loss

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Aerobic conditioning does not build lean muscle.

In fact, in many instances, aerobic training will actually decrease muscle mass. If this is your goal, then stick with your long, and boring aerobic techniques that are wielding little, to no results. If you’re truly interested in reducing fat levels, while increasing lean muscle mass, then I suggest you read on.

Below, I’m going to explain 5 anaerobic cardio training exercises that are guaranteed to produce the results you’re looking for.

5 Effective Cardio Exercises for Burning Fat

These exercises will be listed based on difficulty level beginning at the easiest, leading up to the most difficult cardio exercises. If you’re new, I recommend starting out at the beginning, and working your way up!

Important note: You should always utilize dynamic stretching prior to any strenuous activity such as cardio. Dynamic stretching is the most effective way to properly warm-up the muscles and joints. Please avoid static stretching before these exercises.

1. Stationary Bike Intervals

Difficultly Level: Beginner

While many people view the stationary bike as a tool for lazy cardio, there is in fact many ways you can turn this simple device into a fat burning monster. Stationary bikes are great for beginners or people who are not physically ready for the more advanced techniques. This is your first step to getting to the next cardio level.

In order for stationary bikes to be an effective tool for fat loss, you must utilize interval training. Below, you will see an beginners interval training session with a stationary bike.

Warm-Up Circuit: 5 Minutes

3 minutes at level 3 resistance.
2 minutes at level 4

Interval Circuit: 20 Minutes

1 minute at level 9
1 minute at level 7
3 minutes at level 3
1 minute at level 8
1 minute at level 6
3 minutes at level 3
1 minute at level 7
1 minute at level 5
3 minutes at level 3
1 minute at level 6
1 minute at level 4
3 minutes at level 3

Cool down: 5 Minutes

1 minute at level 5
1 minute at level 4
3 minutes at level 3

This 30 minute circuit is no walk in the park, but it is an absolute fat burner.

2. Track Intervals

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Once the stationary bike becomes too easy, or you’re ready for something new, you can advance onto track intervals. This is a very simple cardio exercise, but is an effective anaerobic and fat loss training technique.

Find your nearest track, and you will begin by jogging the straight portion of the track. Once you reach the curve, you will sprint at 100 percent capacity until you reach the beginning of the straight portion, and jog once again. Continue this jog, sprint, and jog motion for about 4-6 laps. The jog intensity can be about 50 percent, but the sprint portion should be performed at 100 percent ability.

To make it more difficult, simply increase the intensity of the jogging portion or add additional laps.

3. Hill Sprints

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Hills sprints are undoubtedly one of the best cardio exercises for building lean muscle, and reducing excess weight. This challenging exercise will increase strength in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, and will increase your overall explosive speed.

I recommend finding a moderately steep hill when you’re starting out, and advance to the more monstrous hills once your anaerobic cconditioning levels have increased.

Here is sample beginner hills sprints regime:

  • 3 sprints at 40 yards
  • 3 sprints at 30 yards
  • 3 sprints at 20 yards
  • Finish with 3 sprints on a flat surface.

4. Suicides

Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you haven’t heard of suicides, then just understand that the title is characteristic of the exercise. Suicides are among the most difficult cardio exercises you can use. This exercise is a favorite among basketball players, and many other athletes alike. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from this challenging exercise.

Typically, you will perform suicides on a basketball court, but you can simulate the exercise in practically any open space.

Start on one side of the basketball court and follow these steps:

  • Sprint to the foul line and back
  • Sprint to half-court and back
  • Sprint to the furthest foul line and back
  • Sprint to the end of the court and back
  • Rest for one minute and repeat

Suicides are extremely exhausting, and beginners should typically try to complete about three or four. Once you can finish five complete suicides, I guarantee you will have reached a very high level of cardiovascular endurance.

5. Bodyweight Circuits

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Many people view bodyweight exercises as a purely strength building routine, but in fact, these exercises are actually great for increasing anaerobic conditioning and muscular endurance.

There is no doubt that weightlifting is a far more effective technique for building muscle and strength, but bodyweight exercises are a good substitution when you don’t have access to gym equipment.

Below is a sample bodyweight circuit you can use to vary up your cardio training routine.

  • Start with 24 squats.
  • Then alternating lunges, 12 on each leg.
  • Follow that with 24 split jumps
  • Finish with 12 jump squats.

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of some effective cardio training exercises you can use for decreasing stubborn fat! For more advanced and in-depth cardio techniques please visit the Cardio Training Freak.

Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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